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Make a difference for our kids

What is the Meals that Mend Program?

The “Meals That Mend” Program provides families with healthy meals that help our families keep their strength and help kids heal. The program stocks our pantry full of healthy food, including dairy, fruit, and produce, to serve at least 46 people a day, with a goal of three meals a day.

This critical program is designed to serve nearly 17,000 meals a year with healthy menu items provided by a coordinator and volunteer groups cook meals every day.

What is the need?

The Meals That Mend program provides a much-needed service to families who are taking care of their sick children and often don’t have the time, funds, or even the energy to prepare a healthy meal. After a long day at the hospital or clinic, a hot meal is a welcome gift.

Groups from all over our community provide meals for the families staying with us. This program uses our kitchen facilities, consults with our volunteer nutritionist, cooks using supplies from our pantry program but also requires that groups bring supplies to cook for at least 46 people every night. Volunteer groups provide the entrees for each dinner night, but the program is growing to provide breakfast and lunch for our families.

With some families staying with us for several months, the importance of nutritional food for themselves and their children is critical. Therefore, our needs include healthy choices for three meals a day (fruit, vegetables, and dairy).

How can I participate?

You can sign up for a specific day, once a month, once a quarter, or prepare a meal on an occasional basis. View the calendar below to see our available dates and submit a Meals that Mend application.

Who can help?

All ages are welcome to participate in this program. Volunteers under 16 years of age must work one-on-one with a parent, guardian, or adult volunteers. The kids at the house LOVE to spend time with other kids!

What kind of meals can I prepare?

You may choose your menu, but we ask that your menu include nutritious and balanced meals which are especially helpful in keeping energy levels up and helping children heal.

We require that food must be prepared onsite using the Ronald McDonald House Community Kitchen, catered from a restaurant, or purchased from a commercial kitchen. Our kitchen is available for full-scale preparation.

Dinner does not have to be fancy! Check out our menu suggestions for dinner ideas at the bottom of the page.

We appreciate your time and effort but please remember, our families need variety in their food. We have lots of people offering spaghetti, lasagna, and pizza dinners. Please consider other options!

Contact Karleigh King, Volunteer and Donor Relations Coordinator, at 706-724-5901 or kking@rmhcaugusta.org to reserve your date.