Volunteer Spotlight – Marcia Gosse

Marcia began volunteering with RMHC Augusta in March of 2022 as a receptionist. During her short time here, she has made a tremendous impact with staff and families, going above and beyond the normal responsibilities of our volunteers. “Marcia not only does what is required, but she also anticipates the needs of the House like it’s second nature,” says the Volunteer Coordinator, Karleigh King. “A new room request has come in? She’s on it. Donations need put away? She accepts the challenge. We have community events that we need help with? She eagerly signs up. She’s truly a team player when it comes to volunteering.”
Marcia’s interest in the House came from her special connection to our families. Her twin children spent time in the NICU when they were born, and she understands the importance of RMHC’s mission. Though Marcia is retired, she enjoys keeping a busy schedule. She works at the Augusta Greenjackets stadium and Fort Gordon, and for leisure activities, she enjoys reading, completing jigsaw puzzles, and quilting.