Volunteer Spotlight – Leslie Duncanson

As I begin my 15th year at the Ronald McDonald House of Augusta of preparing a home-cooked spaghetti dinner, I thought it may be a time to look back.

When I first went to the old house on Greene Street, I could feel the love when I walked into that beautiful place. I met with the house manager and asked how to help, and after we decided a meal would be best, I asked for details and when I could start? She said how about next week. And so the adventure began. After 15 years, it figures out to 180 meals, 540 pots of spaghetti sauce, 550 lbs of noodles, and 550 loaves of Italian bread. And my dear friend and neighbor Barbara Rucker have made the desserts for over 10 of these years.

I have been a resident of North Augusta for over 27 years. I share my home and my life with my husband, John, who has been my silent partner and totally supportive since the beginning. We have three awesome dogs, Coco, Oreo, and June Bug.

I love to run and do so with Fleet Feet Augusta. I’ve run several half-marathons, but my favorite is 10K. I also work with the Imperial Theatre, Maxwell Theatre, and numerous other volunteer organizations. And I received the 1994 Pillar Award from the Augusta Sports Council for outstanding community service.

Special thanks to Bett and all those who give their time and talents to RMH, and know that everything you do can and does make a difference to all the families that step into this house in providing a safe and loving place to call home in their time of need.

I am proud to be able to continue on this journey as my dream is that someday I will get the call that my services aren’t needed because there are no sick kids. I can dream, can’t I?