Volunteer Spotlight – Kayla Kranenberg

Our volunteer for the month of January is Kayla Kranenberg, Housewarmer!
Kayla has worked in the nonprofit world for 12 years, so when she moved back home (to Augusta) in June with a work-from-home role, she wanted a way to get out of her house and continue to serve others. She reached out to RMHC because two of her nieces experienced long stays in hospitals, and she has seen the tangible impact that the organization has on families going through uncertain times away from their homes. She serves as a Housewarmer and takes great pleasure in ensuring that the house is clean and comfortable for the families residing there. In addition to volunteering, she loves to read, play tennis and spend time with her husband, Jake, and two dogs, Copper and Winnie! We thank you for your service, Kayla!