Volunteer Spotlight – Cassandra Cummings

Cassandra is a native of Savannah, Ga, and holds a passion for helping children, through reading or mentoring. She started her journey in 2004 in a Mentoring Program at Seven Oaks Elementary School. She’s coached a recreational girls basketball team for 2 years, served several years with the Junior Achievement, Student Leadership (SLP), L.O.V.E. Mentoring, and KL Youth Reading Mentors at a local elementary school in her community. Just recently she completed reading for the youth during Covid at a local YMCA.
Cassandra states “Reading to children, creating laughter, sharing, and allowing open communication has been my consistent roadmap. Reading is one of the many assets we all have for life.”
I am thankful and honored the staff at RMHC (Augusta) welcomed my virtual reading opportunity with open arms. This allows me to meet my goals in providing a child with self-development and good positivity, simply through reading.
Honored to serve – even if it’s one book at a time.