Volunteer Spotlight – Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a sophomore at Lakeside High School in Evans, GA. He plays in the Front Ensemble in the Lakeside Marching band, and he is also a Life Scout in BSA Troop 615. Ben became involved with the Ronald McDonald House during the shelter in place in 2020 while completing his Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge. He made a meal for the house and ran a mini donation drive. Ben returned to help the House this spring and summer for his Eagle Project. He ran a month-long donation drive, repainted a table and four chairs, and built a donation house.

Throughout Ben’s time with the Ronald McDonald House, it has shown him that you can help others in more ways than one. You can help others by fixing things, giving them new things like toys and supplies, or just by volunteering your time. Helping someone isn’t just a small favor that lasts a few seconds. Helping someone can also be something that impacts and helps them for a while. Ben received great pleasure by helping the amazing team that helps others throughout their stay at the Ronald McDonald House.