Covid-19 Guidlines

Updated 9/15/22

  • All guests, children included, will need to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination or proof of a negative Covid-19 test.  This test should be performed within 3 days of arriving at the House. At-home tests are permitted. 
  • Each patient may have up to two (4) people accompany them and stay at the House.  Siblings are welcomed back at this time. 
  • Family members are free to travel throughout the Augusta community. 
  • Registered guests may not return home or alternate days/weeks with other family members, unless they comply with these guidelines and retest for Covid-19.
  • Masks are encouraged but not required.
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes are located throughout the House for guest use.
  • Family members agree to inform staff immediately of any illness they are experiencing.