Share A Night!

Close your eyes and think about the children in your life. Now, place one of those children in the hospital. Where are you standing in that scenario?  I’m sure you’re at your child’s bedside, comforting them as best as you can. Now throw Covid-19 into the scene. You are only able to see your child in the hospital if you follow their protocols, which includes new routines if staying at Ronald McDonald House. You must agree to only go 2 places – the House and the hospital – that means no slipping home for a quick visit, no mall trips for gift shopping, and no visitors to see you. This is to ensure that your “bubble” remains intact. If you get become ill, your ability to be with your hospitalized child is jeopardized. Can you imagine how lonely, scared, and helpless you feel??
We have many families in the House RIGHT NOW who are experiencing that. They cannot be with their loved ones back home, have limited access to their child and must social distance, and be careful every moment of every day.
The staff at RMHC Augusta is working hard to keep our families healthy, secure, and comforted and we need your help to get it done. As you close out the year please remember our families and help us to help them. Under the Cares Act this year you can take a $300 deduction when you make that donation to the House. $300 will give a family a 15-night stay at the House. What a perfect gift for one of our families! Please help us keep our families close to the hospital and to each other this Holiday season.
From the RMHC Augusta Family to your Family – Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and Healthy New Year!
Betts Murdison