Phase 2.5 at RMHC Augusta

Things around the House are inching towards a new normal and signs are everywhere that we are adjusting and learning to thrive with our Covid-19 world.  As this virus continues to wreak havoc in each of our lives I am happy to report that at least part of House operations is returning to a semblance of normalcy.
We have entered what I would like to call Phase 2.5 of our 4 Phase House opening schedule. We have reopened our Dining Room and Family Kitchen for use by our families. Because both rooms are large we are able to spread out and no one is more versed in proper mask-wearing than our families. I am confident that this new arrangement will work for everyone! It’s a baby step, but it makes a huge difference to all of us in the House.
I am also happy to tell you that we have partnered with CHOG (Children’s Hospital of Georgia) to provide breakfast and lunch to the families of children hospitalized due to Covid-19. These families have enough to worry about, without wondering how or when they are going to eat. This is an extension of our newly launched Grab ‘n Go program which was made possible by a grant awarded to us by Abbvie Pharmaceuticals and we are very grateful to them for their faith in us!
Please take care and stay safe.
Betts Murdison
Thank you to Abbvie Pharmaceuticals for
2020 RMHC Remarkable Grant that made these countertops possible!