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Pop Tab Recycling

The little tab you pull to open your soda, soup, or any other aluminum can make a significant impact on the Ronald McDonald House of Augusta.

Ronald McDonald Houses all over the United States recycle the tabs to generate funds to help pay for the expenses at our house. By collecting the tabs, you can do your part to help care for families who stay at our house each year.

This is an easy and fun project for schools, clubs, businesses, or other large groups! We even have individuals and families collecting for us! Last year, we made over $1,800 from collecting and recycling pop tabs.

Your aluminum can tab goes a long way with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta. Those tabs, when recycled, help cover some of our operational costs. Thanks to schools, youth groups, community organizations, and families like yours, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta recycled tens of thousands of pop tabs last year.

Frequently Ask Questions

Where do I take my tabs?

Saving pop tabs is easy. Simply remove the tab off your can, save them in a wide-mouth container, and when you have a large amount, drop them off at our house, located at 1442 Harper Street Augusta, GA 30901.

Why pop tabs and not the entire can?

Because pop tabs are smaller and easier to store. The tabs are also paint free and pure aluminum, which increases their value and profit when recycled. So pull your tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, but be sure to recycle the cans.

Here are some fun facts about tabs

  • One pound of tabs is about 1,500 tabs.
  • Each tab measures about 1 inch, so there are 12 tabs in one foot.
  • To reach a mile, when placing tabs end to end, would take 63,360 tabs.
  • 1 million tabs end to end would stretch 16.75 miles.
  • RMHC Augusta receives roughly $0.05 per pop tab.