Covid-19 and RMHC Augusta

As of this writing, Covid-19 is disrupting our lives once again, because of the Delta variant.  This turn of events has reminded us that we are here to serve the families of critically ill pediatric patients.  The children of our House cannot afford to contract Covid-19, at all!  

 We are committed to our guiding principles: 

  • The health and well-being of children, families, staff, and the communities in which we operate are our highest priority 
  • We will consult with medical, legal, and safety experts and chapter leaders to determine the path forward. 
  • We rely on science, facts, and information when making decisions – always with the best interest of our system and the people we serve at the forefront. 
  • We are committed to continuous learning; we will evaluate and adjust as we learn and the situation evolves. 
  • We will operate with accountability and transparency 

 It is the position of RMHC that vaccinations are a critical tool in the fight against Covid-19 and our ability to keep staff, volunteers, children, and families safe.  Because of this, we will require staff, volunteers, and any visitors or service personnel to be fully vaccinated before entering RMHC program spaces.  This policy will be effective October 11, 2021.  Please direct any questions to me, at