A New Year

Ahhh…the promise of a New Year.  So many possibilities, yet this year, so much baggage followed us into 2021.  Nevertheless, thank you to each of you for your tremendous support last month…we ended December strong financially which is important as we head into the uncertainty of 2021.  With many of our traditional fund-raising avenues strangled, we are trying our best to keep focused and nimble to successfully support as many families as possible in 2021.  I will keep you updated via this newsletter as things progress in this pandemic era. 

 As mentioned in earlier newsletters, we are in a 4 phased approach to managing our response to Covid-19.  Using this approach, we have been able to remain open and fully operational 24/7, with several modifications to our operations.  In June we entered Phase 1 and in early July we started in Phase 2 where we have remained.  The recent surge in cases in Georgia and in Augusta, specifically, has forced us to return to Phase 1.  Our primary goal is to keep our families and staff safe, hence our decision.  We are grateful that the Staff at the House is eligible to receive a vaccination through Children’s Hospital of Georgia, so we are moving in the right direction.  

I am not sure what the timeline is for a full reopening of the House, but we are working very closely with CHOG to be sure that we are meeting the needs of their patients and our families until we can return to our “new” normal operations.  For example, a new initiative we began in response to a hospital need was to provide breakfast and lunch to inpatient families who are suffering from Covid-19 and we will continue to do so as long as CHOG needs us.   

2021 has begun and we are ready to face the needs of CHOG, their patients, and families…that’s a promise!



Betts Murdison